Aerial Photo Interpretation




Photointerpretation is the process by which we locate and examine an object on one or more aerial photographs, in order to recognize and assess its importance.
Photo-interpretation is a "bridge" in the past. With this process we can see an object anywhere in the country in different time periods, past years. Photo interpretation has full probative value and legal status. Aerial photographs in combination with satellite images in a thorough and scientifically structured Photo Interpretation Technical Report have an almost indisputable character because they include public documents such as aerial photographs that are always accompanied by certificates of authenticity as to the date of receipt and authenticity. The conclusions described in the Technical Report are accompanied by attached two-dimensional or three-dimensional map excerpts, as well as a brief analysis of the methodology.

The photo interpretation study is a serious proof for services and for judicial use that can give, for a specific place and for a specific date or comparatively-combined for different dates, answers to questions concerning:


Existence or non-existence of roads, paths, buildings or other constructions

Objections to the posted forest maps

Objection against the Deed of Designation regarding Forest - Forest Area - Grassland - Field

Documentation regarding the year of construction of the arbitrary buildings or additions

Geomorphology and other natural or artificial soil characteristics

Stream position definition and possible changes over time

Objections to the National Land Registry

Documentation of property boundaries and possible changes due to encroachments

Land use and coverage

Property Locating

Topographic of the Past & comparison with the Topographic of the Present - Photogrammetry
Type of construction.
Chronological documentation of the use of the State land for acquisitions - concessions - lease from the State.