The topographic diagram is not a simple plan that accompanies a public document or a contract, as many people think, but it is a complete topographic study that lists the area, its dimensions, the buildings that exist in it, if it is built and how many meters it builds. as well as accurately determines the location of the stadium using the state coordinates EGSA '87 and many other elements depending on which will be used.
1. Notarial deeds 2. Issuance of building permits 3. Arbitrary settlement 4. Deed of characterization of the Forest Service 5. Implementing acts and corrective act of implementation 6. Land registry objections 7. Licensing of Photovoltaic and Wind farms 8. Determination of shoreline lines and beachfront 10 Confirmation, etc. 11. Courts for resolving property disputes
There are GPS applications in our mobile phone, which help us to locate the location of a stadium without being accurate. The deviation is large (from 3 to 10 meters). So it is more likely that we will encroach on an adjacent property and there will be consequences and the location of our stadium will appear displaced. The surveyor is a scientist and uses in his work many modern precision machines and techniques that ensure the accuracy of measurements.
A topographic diagram, by definition, involves capturing reality at a given time (boundaries, buildings, etc.) by measuring instruments in the countryside, so: no it can not be done by the office, the topographic diagram will be wrong data with all the consequences.
We do not need any Engineer, we need a Surveying Engineer, who has both experience and appropriate equipment.
Contact a Surveying Engineer first to check your property contract and measure the ground that has been encroached upon and then your lawyer will advise you on what to do.